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Vim cheatsheet | navigation, editing, insert mode, vistual mode

Vim is an efficient text editor used in terminal (CLI). Vim is mostly used by programmers. There is a new VIM fork called NeoVIM or nvim. It is great and modern with better capabilities. All things in this cheatsheet works on vim and nvim. Exiting Vim 🔗 :q : close file (if it is the only file in vim, vim will be exited too). (a.k.a quit vim) :qa: close all files.

How to rename all files inside a directory to a sequence of incremented files in FISH shell ?

rename all files inside a specific directory/folder 🔗 First of all, change directory (cd) into the directory where the files exist. cd /path/to/your/directory/ Use this command to rename all images (ending with .png) to a number sequence. set i 1 for file in * mv $file (printf "%02d.png" $i) set i (math $i + 1) end The command explained 🔗 set i 1 creates a variable called i and set its value to 1.

How to support multiligual links to tags and categories in Hugo ?

I faced this issue in my custom Hugo theme. I use kmt theme on this website you are reading on. It is bilingual. You find blog posts in English and their translations in Arabic. But when I click on a tag in the Arabic part of the website, it is 404 NOT FOUND ! what?! The problem is that the tag link is /tags/the-tag-itself but to work it needs to be /ar/tags/the-tag-itself.

How to remove all directories inside a specific directory?

How to remove directories in Terminal 🔗 To remove all directories inside a specific directory, you can use the rm command with the -r (recursive) option. This option ensures that the command removes directories and their contents recursively. Here is the command you can use: rm -r /path/to/your/directory/*/ This command will remove all directories and their contents inside /path/to/your/directory/. Make sure that you include a / at the end to tell that you want to delete directories not files.

Vulnerable WordPress Release Not Yet Fixed

Today, I checked my WordPress website inside my shared hosting > CPanel > WP toolkit. I ran into this screen. It says Fix vulnerability in security. I clicked on it. A security scanning process stated. After the scan completed, It stated that my current WordPress core release is vulnerable. It is affected by unauthorized blind server-side request forgery vulnerability. I clicked on mitigate to reduce the risk of the vulnerability if it is exploited.

How to Increase Timeout Limit in Mozilla Firefox ?

Sometimes, we need to increase timeout limit urgently to be able to load busy websites. So, In Firefox, navigate to the config page via this link about:config, then search for network.http.connection-timeout and set it as you like. That’s it. You are done. If you prefer watching video, here you go. I hope this post helps you. If you know a person who can benefit from this information, send them a link of this post.

How to Increase timeout limit in Google Chrome ?

Sometimes, we need to increase timeout for waiting for webpages to get from a busy server. But, unfortunately, Chrome has a hardcoded/predefined value for timeout for optimal loading. It can not be re-assigned not customized. If you urgently need to set a longer timeout for loading busy website, switch to Mozilla Firefox. In Firefox, you can navigate to the config page via this link about:config, then search for network.http.connection-timeout and set it as you like.

All About My Custom Hugo Theme KMT

Why Another Hugo Theme? 🔗 because there is no theme has all my specifications available. Why The Hugo Theme is Named Kmt? 🔗 I named my Hugo theme kmt after the name of my country. Objectives & Goals 🔗 speed page loading: surf the web at the speed of thought How to install Hugo theme Kmt ? 🔗 Install via git submodule Run this command while you are inside the folder of your Hugo site:

Social Media Buttons in Kmt Theme

source code sharing sites 🔗 GitHub GitLab CodeBerg video sharing social media 🔗 YouTube Tiktok Instagram text-only sites 🔗 Medium StackOverflow chatting apps 🔗 Telegram WhatsApp General Social Media 🔗 X Platform (formerly Twitter) (pka Twitter) Facebook LinkedIn Mastodon

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My ToDo List for 2024 (daily updates)

I have too many goals I want to achieve in 2024. Here are the goals related to programming. OCR Text Scanner 🔗 Complete development of the re-written OCR app in Flutter. Digital Business Cards 🔗 I am continuously developing the platform for business cards. is a platform like YouTube but for business cards. The platform consists of these instances: website : good enough Android app : public beta iPhone app : early alpha The specific goals about Kart Business are: