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ed Cheatsheet

ed : The original Unix text editor. Start an interactive editor session with an empty document: ed Start an interactive editor session with an empty document and a specific [p]rompt: ed -p '> ' Start an interactive editor session with an empty document and without diagnostics, byte counts and ‘!’ prompt: ed -s Edit a specific file (this shows the byte count of the loaded file): ed path/to/file Replace a string with a specific replacement for all lines:

Awk Cheatsheet

awk: A versatile programming language for working on files. Print the fifth column (a.k.a. field) in a space-separated file: awk '{print $5}' path/to/file Print the second column of the lines containing “foo” in a space-separated file: awk '/foo/ {print $2}' path/to/file Print the last column of each line in a file, using a comma (instead of space) as a field separator: awk -F ',' '{print $NF}' path/to/file Sum the values in the first column of a file and print the total:

sed Cheatsheet | Edit text in a scriptable manner

sed: Edit text in a scriptable manner. Replace all apple (basic regex) occurrences with mango (basic regex) in all input lines and print the result to stdout: command | sed 's/apple/mango/g' Execute a specific script [f]ile and print the result to stdout: command | sed -f path/to/script_file.sed Replace all apple (extended regex) occurrences with APPLE (extended regex) in all input lines and print the result to stdout: command | sed -E 's/(apple)/\U\1/g' Print just a first line to stdout:

Git Subtree Cheatsheet

git subtree: Manage project dependencies as subprojects. Add a Git repository as a subtree: git subtree add --prefix=path/to/directory/ --squash repository_url branch_name Update subtree repository to its latest commit: git subtree pull --prefix=path/to/directory/ repository_url branch_name Merge recent changes up to the latest subtree commit into the subtree: git subtree merge --prefix=path/to/directory/ --squash repository_url branch_name Push commits to a subtree repository: git subtree push --prefix=path/to/directory/ repository_url branch_name Extract a new project history from the history of a subtree:

Git Cola Cheatsheet

git cola: A powerful Git GUI with a slick and intuitive user interface. Start the GUI: git cola Start the GUI in amend mode: git cola --amend Prompt for a Git repository. Defaults to the current directory: git cola --prompt Open the Git repository at mentioned path: git cola --repo path/to/git-repository Apply the path filter to the status widget: git cola --status-filter filter For more information: . I hope this post helps you.

Git Annex Cheatsheet

git annex: Manage files with Git, without checking their contents in. When a file is annexed, its content is moved into a key-value store, and a symlink is made that points to the content. Initialize a repo with Git annex: git annex init Add a file: git annex add path/to/file_or_directory Show the current status of a file or directory: git annex status path/to/file_or_directory Synchronize a local repository with a remote:

Gitlint Cheatsheet | Git commit message linter

gitlint: Git commit message linter checks your commit messages for style. Check the last commit message: gitlint The range of commits to lint: gitlint --commits single_refspec_argument Path to a directory or Python module with extra user-defined rules: gitlint --extra-path path/to/directory Start a specific CI job: gitlint --target path/to/target_directory Path to a file containing a commit-msg: gitlint --msg-filename path/to/filename Read staged commit meta-info from the local repository: gitlint --staged For more information about git lint: https://jorisroovers.

Git Fame Cheatsheet

git fame: Pretty-print Git repository contributions. Calculate contributions for the current Git repository: git fame Exclude files/directories that match the specified regular expression: git fame --excl "regular_expression" Calculate contributions made after the specified date: git fame --since "3 weeks ago|2021-05-13" Display contributions in the specified format: git fame --format pipe|yaml|json|csv|tsv Display contributions per file extension: git fame --bytype Ignore whitespace changes: git fame --ignore-whitespace Detect inter-file line moves and copies:

Git Imerge Cheatsheet

git imerge: Perform a merge or rebase between two Git branches incrementally. Conflicts between branches are tracked down to pairs of individual commits, to simplify conflict resolution. Start imerge-based rebase (checkout the branch to be rebased, first): git imerge rebase branch_to_rebase_onto Start imerge-based merge (checkout the branch to merge into, first): git imerge merge branch_to_be_merged Show ASCII diagram of in-progress merge or rebase: git imerge diagram Continue imerge operation after resolving conflicts (git add the conflicted files, first):

bfg Cheatsheet

bfg : Remove large files or passwords from Git history like git-filter-branch. Note: if your repository is connected to a remote, you will need to force push to it. Remove a file with sensitive data but leave the latest commit untouched: bfg --delete-files file_with_sensitive_data Remove all text mentioned in the specified file wherever it can be found in the repository’s history: bfg --replace-text path/to/file.txt More information: . I hope this post helps you.