How to compress files with xz and upload archive to Google cloud ?

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First, install Google cloud command line tool and configure it.

  1. pip install gsutil
  2. Have your project id ready using gsutil config. Check docs for more info.

Create the archive / compressed file

  1. tar --create --verbose --xz --file images.tar.xz /directory/containing/images/*

Upload the archive/compressed file to Google cloud

  1. gsutil cp images.tar.xz gs://<bucket name>. replace <bucket name> with your Google cloud bucket name ๐Ÿ˜„.

If you want to extract contents (images in this case) from archive, use this command tar -xf file.tar.xz.

xz is supposed to be the “best” general purpose compression algorithm in terms of compression ratio, but it’s also slow.