[Fixed] curl: (56) LibreSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errno 54

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This error appears in too many cases, for example: when you are trying to ..

  • upgrade Flutter via flutter upgrade.
  • upgrade a homebrew cask via brew upgrade --cask --greedy.
  • push to GitLab.
  • curl some file from the internet.

the errno 54 (error number 54) means “Connection reset by peer”, which basically indicates a generic network connectivity problem. So, It’s a network issue. If your internet is very slow and there are hiccups with network, you will face this error. Try to run again, and It will run fine.

If the error keep appears with no hope. You can disable the ALPN TLS extension by this command.

echo '--no-alpn' >> ~/.curlrc

then put this line export HOMEBREW_CURLRC=1 in your shell rc file like this.

If you use zsh.

echo 'export HOMEBREW_CURLRC=1' >> ~/.zshrc

If you use bash.

echo 'export HOMEBREW_CURLRC=1' >> ~/.bashrc

I hope this helps you. You know someone will benefit from this, share it with him/her, a friend or colleage.