Git Subtree Cheatsheet

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git subtree: Manage project dependencies as subprojects.

Add a Git repository as a subtree:

git subtree add --prefix=path/to/directory/ --squash repository_url branch_name

Update subtree repository to its latest commit:

git subtree pull --prefix=path/to/directory/ repository_url branch_name

Merge recent changes up to the latest subtree commit into the subtree:

git subtree merge --prefix=path/to/directory/ --squash repository_url branch_name

Push commits to a subtree repository:

git subtree push --prefix=path/to/directory/ repository_url branch_name

Extract a new project history from the history of a subtree:

git subtree split --prefix=path/to/directory/ repository_url -b branch_name

For more information, check out this Debian manpage: .

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