Go or Python ? Which language is used more in production software?

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I think that Go is better than Python. And that’s my own opinion. But I was wondering if people are using Go or Python for their production software in the real world. I want to get statistics of production software to compare and understand the real world.

Source of statistics ๐Ÿ”—

In a previous post , I used Homebrew as the source of statistics about apps written in each programming language. Homebrew is a package manager for MacOS and Linux distros.

Homebrew provides a json file of the index of all packages and apps in Homebrew Core Formulae.

So I created a simple CLI application written in Go to use that updated JSON file to count the apps using a specific programming language.

Statistics by gobrew ๐Ÿ”—

languageJune 2July 1

According to statistics, Go is used for more production software than Python.

Why Go is used more than Python ? ๐Ÿ”—

comparisonGoPython / Cython
compilation speedvery fastPython: not compiled, Cython: very slow
runtime performancevery fastPython: slow, Cython: good
concurrency supportgreatbad
libraries & frameworksgood enoughhuge

As you can see, Go checks all factors mentioned, but Python is great at things and bad at other things. Programming languages are just tools, so, overall, I personally choose Go every time as the better tool to get the job done. Most software developers choose Go over Python as you can conclude from the statistics above.

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