Lazy Adopter

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In contrast with early adopters, I am a lazy adopter. In programming, we use the word lazy to tell that this thing will be available or done at the right time, such as lazy-loading images. Lazy-loading images means that the images will be loaded at the right time just before their use.

In technology, there are too many tech products and hype. But not all products’ promise come true. You need some patience and a little test of time for products and tools. So it is good to be a lazy adoper as I call it.

When there is a new product, let people benchmark it and test it in the real world for user experience. If it stand in those tests, use it knowing its pros and cons. No surprises.

I deal in lazy adopting with smartphones, tablets, laptops, CPU archecture (such as Apple M1), RAM, Storage (HDD or SSD), a new programming language, .. almost every rising technology in hardware or software.

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