Mac OS X Terminal: How to use option+delete to delete a word ?

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I can backward delete a word using OPTION+DELETE on any text editor on Mac OS but I can’t use it to delete the last word I wrote on Terminal!!

It is simple, just with a click of a box!

Open Terminal, click on Terminal in menu bar, choose Preferences…, go to profiles tab, click on keyboard tab, check Use Option as Meta key. That’s it! we’re done.

You can see the steps on this screenshot.

use OPTION+DELETE to backward delete a word

If you like more shortcuts, here is some more.

KeysFunction Description
Ctrl+wdelete the previos word
Command+DeleteDelete all line text before the cursor
Ctrl+KDelete the rest of the line text after the cursor
Option+Left Arrowmove the cursor by word
Command+Left Arrowmove to the start of the line
Option+Right Arrowmove the cursor by word
Command+Right Arrowmove the cursor to the end of the line
Shift+Option+Left Arrowselect the last word
Shift+Command+Left Arrowselect the text line before the cursor

I will create a huge list of all keyboard shortcuts and key combinations here .