keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word

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Using keyboard shortcuts makes you more efficient and productive as it speed you up. Pressing some key combinations is faster than clicking and moving then click by mouse. So, all IT-related specialists and programmers tend to train themselves to touch typing which is typing faster. In Microsoft Word, there is a keyboard shortcut for almost every function and action.

Microsoft Word is one of the Microsoft Office suite. MS Word is designed to be a rich text editor to be used to write books, researches, reports, text documents, .. etc.

Here are all keyboard shortcuts and key combinations used in Microsoft Word:

keyboard shortcutfunction / action
Ctrl+ASelect all text inside the current document/file
Ctrl+Bmake selected text in a Bold style
Ctrl+CCopy selected text
Ctrl+DOpen font dialog box
Ctrl+Eto center the text
Ctrl+Fopen navigation to search for a word or phrase
Ctrl+Gopen Go To dialog box
Ctrl+HOpen REPLACE dialog box
Ctrl+IItalicize the words, or make text italic
Ctrl+KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl+LAlign text to the left
Ctrl+Madd a tab space, alternative to TAB key
Ctrl+Ncreate a new document
Ctrl+OOpen word document
Ctrl+PPrint file
Ctrl+RAlign text to right
Ctrl+SSave current changes to the current document file
Ctrl+Umake underlined text
Ctrl+Vpaste whatever you cut or copied
Ctrl+Wclose the current document file
Ctrl+XCut the selected items such as text or images
Ctrl+YRedo the changes
Ctrl+Zundo the changes
Alt+FOpen file menu
Alt+HShow the Home tab on the ribbon
Alt+NShow Insert Tab on the Ribbon
Alt+PShow Page Layout Tab on the Ribbon
Alt+SShow References tab on the Ribbon
Alt+MShow Mailings tab on the Ribbon
Alt+RShow Review Tab on the Ribbon
Alt+WShow View Tab on the Ribbon
Alt+F+SSave changes to the current file
Alt+F+ASave as; to save the current document with a specific name in a specific location
F1Open Word Help window
F12Save as; to save the current document with a new name on a new location
Ctrl+F1Minimize or maximize the Ribbon
Ctrl+F2Show print dialog or print page
Ctrl+F4Close the current document (not the program itself)
Ctrl+F9create a braces like this {}
Ctrl+F10make the window not fullscreen. The window restored down to be shown as a small window not full screen window.
Ctrl+F12Open file from computer
Alt+F4Exit from the Word program itself; close the current file and close the Microsoft Word program.

Notice : You can use Alt with some letters to browse menu items and ribbon groups/icons in MS Word.

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