My Dream OS as a Software Developer

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I am thinking of a better operating system. All operating systems right now need more improvement and development to improve usability and user experience.

my dream operating system features πŸ”—

  • Thoughts on Basic Parts of OS

I think the best OS may be just a linux distribution such as Ubuntu, with a desktop environment such as GNOME, COSMIC or PANTHEON. Then add some software tools for normal users and developers.

  • App Store

Use the pay-as-you-want app store pioneered by Elementary OS but support Snap packages alongside Flatpak packages.

Why support Snap ?

Snap package manager supports more programming languages and frameworks to create apps for Linux. So more common and famous apps will be available there.

  • IDE

Linux-based operating systems need UI designer or visual designer like the form designer of from Windows.

  • UI UX Design

The settings of the operating system should be a seamless editing user experience.

  • Terminal Friendly

You can do every thing in terminal such as install, config, run and uninstall apps.

  • all GUI

Everything can be done graphically. All functionalities have apps. Using Terminal/Console is not a must.

You can change settings in GUI or using config files.

  • Keyboard friendly

You can use only keyboard in the operating system. And you can use both the keyboard and the mouse in combination.

  • Mouse friendly

You can use only mouse in the operating system. And you can use both the keyboard and the mouse in combination.

I mean by the word ‘mouse’ the touchpad or an pereferal traditional mouse.

  • Touch Screen friendly

You can use the operating system with touch without any need to the keyboard or the mouse.

  • at the speed of thought

Everything should run at the speed of thought, so the user can finish their work without any delays or waiting.

  • self-repair

Add functionality to self repair errors and/or crashes. Let the OS repair itself from abnormal shutdown.

  • sane defaults

Operating system should have sane defaults.

  • documentation & tutorials for app developers

Provide documentation for developers and video tutorials.

  • documentation & tutorials for users.

Provide usage documentation and video tutorials for all users.

  • speech to text
  • text to speech
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • touchpad gesture like GNOME 40+ and MacOS X
  • send to desktop in the contextual item

What I can do πŸ”—

  • I am experimenting with creating a point of sale software and inventory managemnet .
  • I am planning to create Agpeya app; the book of prayers of hours for Coptic Orthodox church. I already developed Agpeya app for Android .
  • I am developing an app to browse business cards on
  • I am developing an app to OCR images and PDF files to extract text from them. Follow the progress in the repo here .
  • use FISH shell instead of BASH or ZSH.
  • use LibreOffice as my office suite. Libre Office has Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases) and Math (formula editing). You download it via snap or flatpak .
  • use markText note-taking app.
  • use InkScape the vector graphics editor. Install it via snap or flatpak .
  • use GIMP the image editor. install via snap or flatpak .
  • use Audacity the audio editor and audio recorder. Install it via snap or flatpak .