My Vision for Teaching

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The current education system is bad for humans.

Why, What, How ๐Ÿ”—

The current education system focus on “what is this?” and “how to use it” and “how it works?” and “how to create it?” .. that’s good but not good enough!

This system makes people lose curiosity and eagerness to know. This system makes people step-followers like the machines which you give them instructions (code) and click run and the machine executes the code/instructions you wrote. No .. we are humans.. we can do better than just following the instructions.

The better education system should fulfill the curiosity of students. We can re-organize our teaching lessons in a way that make sense of “why”.

We always learn “what” is this? and “how” to use it? or “how” to create it? .. we did not get “why” the creators make this tool? “why” this new strategy is better for this case/scenario. the “why” appraoch of teaching makes the students focus and get the knowlege of thinking .. it is a thinking journey .. not a knowlege collecting bag!

By the “why” strategy, we can give students the tools they can use! not just teach them how to use them. The “how” part is great and needed but it is not the top one.

Telling the improvements / evolution of tooling in humanity history can not be told with “what” and “how” .. no .. you MUST tell “why” a human improve that tool ? why we need this or that? .. The “why” concept should be the main factor of teaching not just the timing of things in history of science or art.

Don’t get me wrong. Time is good and useful to tell and teach according to, but “why” is a better appraoch. There are too many situations that makes humans go back in time and get the old idea and revive it again and make it better than the current advanced one. So the best tools are not neccessarily the present tools.

The Objective ๐Ÿ”—

You want to learn graphic design using Photoshop, so they teach you “what” is Adobe Photoshop and “what” are those tools and “how” to use each tool. Wait .. I want to learn graphic design not the Adobe Photoshop (the tool)!

but you use this tool to get the job done!

yes! but I can use Affinity Photo to get the job done. I want to learn how to design graphics with - just with - Adobe Photoshop.

You said it. You want to learn Adobe Photoshop!

No .. no. I want to learn graphic design principles, concepts, and how to implement it in Adobe Photoshop, and how that tool helps me design this thing better than that tool inside Photoshop .. I mean teach me to think in a better way inside the tool (Adobe Photoshop itself) and outside the tool (the art of graphic design itself).

Interactive ๐Ÿ”—

The best way to learn things is to use more senses with it. When you want to recall / learn a lesson, listen, watch, write some notes, read about it, do it or do a mockup of it.

These are your senses.

Listen -> hearing / ear watch -> sight / eye write some notes -> touch / hands / talking / mouth (when you write you talk/say) read about it -> listen (ear), sight (eye) do it -> touch (hands), watch (eye)

When you involve in learning something, you learn it easily and with less stress. We should teach / learn in more interactive ways.

Interactive subject or interactive class ๐Ÿ”—

Interactive subject is making the subject itself interactive with trial and error to teach the student what is bad, good and better.

But interactive class is making the class (teacher with students) in a semi-discussion session with involveness and interaction with each others with questions and answers and demonstrations (demos).

Both are great. we should use them both for better teaching.

What if we implement these three concepts in education ? ๐Ÿ”—

If we implement the “objective” concept, the “why, what, how” concept and the “interactive” concept, I assure you the graduated students will be able to work and progress in the real world. They can work in the environment as the subject taught them the world itself not just “some theoretical nonsense” or “some pseudo practical how-to’s”. We taught them how to think with the knowlege, concepts and tools they have. And this is better for all humanity and communities.