Photoshop CC Missing Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut? - [Fixed]

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The shortcut Ctrl + M is to edit curves in Adobe Photoshop. If you click Ctrl + Alt + M, the previously used curve will be shown. But on some laptop / PC computers, Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut seems NOT WORKING.

NVidia GeForce graphics card capture that shortcut, so Photoshop doesn’t see the shortcut at all. The way to fix this issue is to remove the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M from graphics card experience settings. So Adobe Photoshop detect it and show the corresponding previous curve window.

Steps to fix Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut missing in Photoshop 🔗

  1. open GeForce Experience
  2. click of the gear icon to see the settings
  3. open in-game overlay settings

“open in-game overlay settings”

  1. Open keyboard shortcut settings.

“open keyboard shortcut settings”

  1. select the Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut and click the backspace (to delete the shortcut).

“delete ctrl alt m shortcut from graphics card shortcuts”

note: you can create another shortcut to toggle microphone on/off while gaming.

That’s it. Now, enjoy designing and editing in Photoshop.