Three Mistakes You Must Avoid On The Internet

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If you are a youtuber and/or blogger or have any business on the internet, make you you do not make those mistakes.

Spam ๐Ÿ”—

The repeated comment on Facebook on too many posts is spam. By this repeated post or comment, you spam the news feed on other users. And that’s a prohibited thing on all websites especially platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, .. etc).

Scam ๐Ÿ”—

When you post a link of a poll and say that this website give you an iPhone as a prize, you are scammer! and that’s just a scam post. Try not to say lies with links or videos. Because scamming is forbidden, and you may be blocked anytime if you scam people (even if you are doing it for fun).

Try not to use other people’s content. Audio, video or written content is subjected to a copyright. If the copyright licence did not allow re-share or re-use the content, don’t you them. If you use a copyrighted material in your YouTube video (for example), your YouTube account may be terminated!

Make your original content. Publish your blog posts, not other’s. Publish your videos, not re-uploading other’s. Create your designs and images. Make sure your business on the internet is safe from spam, scam and copyright strike.