Thoughts of a Web Framework in Go

· 186 words · 1 minute read

I am thinking of a web framework in Go programming language. A framework similar to PHP Laravel and Ruby on Rails, but not too similar!

We can create Laravel but in Go like what goravel is going to achieve. I think this is not what we want as Go developers!

We can build the web app from scratch in Go using libraries/packages step by step, trying two or three libs to choose one for exach functionality/feature. But I think this consumes more time than we want to spend.

I think if we - as a Go developers community - share our documented usage of libraries for each use case, that would be great. Sort of a starter kit for each use case or web app.

Easy-to-skim documentation like the Laravel docs. With no real framework, just well documented usage patterns with gotchas and tips.

Do you think this is what you want? Would this be good enough for you? Tell me on LinkedIn via a message if you would like to share some ideas to build that community-recommended/tested stacks. Or on Twitter (x) if you prefer.