Why I Migrated KMT Hugo theme from Tailwind CSS to Vanilla/Pure CSS ?

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I created a theme for my bilingual website called kmt . In the beginning, I designed the layout of the theme in Tailwind CSS . After some time, I realized that tailwind is complicate things more for my simple theme.

Building and designing with tailwind CSS needs a build step before shipping, but native CSS doesn’t.

Using tailwind CSS resets the default values set by web browsers, but I can use those defaults and change ONLY the things I need. So, the native CSS will be efficient and very small.

I need my theme to be blazingly fast to be perfect for huge content websites, and good for SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization). So, using a minimal stylesheet will be great for SEO and webpages load time.

After I removed support to tailwind and added a stylesheet, it went great. The minimized stylesheet is very small , so the webpages are blazingly fast.

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