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My ToDo List for 2024 (daily updates)

Why spam is banned online ?

What is spam ? 🔗 Spamming is doing the same thing too many times. For example, publishing the same comment 10 times on the same post. Another popular example is to send the same e-mail message to 100 e-mail addresses at once. Why spam is banned online ? 🔗 User Experience: having too many useless messages (spam) makes useful messages go out of your sight. That impacts your experience of the software/app/platform in a negative/frustrative ways.

How I improved page loading speed from 52 to 94

I used PageSpeed Insights , to detect the performance bottlenicks so I can analyze and fix the performance issues. Here are all optimizations I did on to improve the PageSpeed Insights performance metrics. run scripts inside web workers 🔗 I offloaded some scripts from running on browser/JS main thread into a web worker by using the partytown library. I specifically offloaded Google Analytics scripts (gtag) and Meta Pixel script (Facebook’s).

Email Marketing: The Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is a powerful and effective tool for business growth. It allows you to directly connect with your target audience, build strong customer relationships, boost sales, and achieve your marketing goals. What is Email Marketing? 🔗 It’s a marketing strategy that relies on sending targeted email messages to a list of subscribers interested in your products or services. Benefits of Email Marketing 🔗 Measurable: You can precisely track the performance of your marketing campaigns and analyze results to gauge their effectiveness.

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Social Media Buttons in Kmt Theme

source code sharing sites 🔗 GitHub GitLab CodeBerg video sharing social media 🔗 YouTube Tiktok Instagram text-only sites 🔗 Medium StackOverflow chatting apps 🔗 Telegram WhatsApp General Social Media 🔗 X Platform (formerly Twitter) (pka Twitter) Facebook LinkedIn Mastodon

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Better Alternatives to Facebook Ads

There are too many challenges with Facebook ads such as difficulty of paying in Egypt due to limits on dollar spend. But there are too methods to cope with these challenges or avoid them. Method 1: Credit Card 🔗 If you don’t have credit card, go to your prefered bank and request a credit card backed by certificate deposit (CD). Use this credit card to pay your ads bill. Make sure your bills are below the monthly limit.

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SEO optimization in Kmt Theme

KMT theme is the theme developed for websites powered by Hugo . Kmt theme is developed to be optimized for search engines. Minimal 🔗 Kmt theme is developed with minimalism in mind. The less code enough to get the job done. Very Small 🔗 All files are optimized to be small.. very small. I used CSS instead of Tailwind for efficiency and optimization. Lazyloading of Image 🔗 Kmt theme has a custom Hugo renderer for images to add loading="lazy".

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Making Your Website Shine on Search Engines: SSG vs. SSR for SEO

So, you’ve built a fantastic website, but how do you get people to find it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key! This post dives into SSG (Static Site Generation) and SSR (Server-Side Rendering), two web development techniques that can significantly boost your SEO. Even if you’re not a programmer, fear not, we’ll explain these concepts in a clear and simple way. Imagine your website as a restaurant menu 🔗 Static Website (No SSG nor SSR): This is like a printed menu.

Does Kmt Theme Support Google Analytics?

Yes, KMT theme supports Google Analytics and gtag. Kmt theme is a hugo theme developed mainly for my bilingual website. You just need to add the google analytics / gtag id in hugo.toml. [services] [services.googleAnalytics] - ID = 'G-xxxxxxxxxx' + ID = 'G-XHQY258XEF' Make sure you use your own gtag which is like this G-XHQY258XEF.

Kmt Theme Features

Kmt is a minimal theme for HUGO especially made for my web blog. Why Kmt? 🔗 I named the theme Kmt after my country name. I am from Egypt. Egypt is called Kmt in the ancient egyptian language, so, I am from Kmt. Read more about Egypt / Kmt on Wikipedia . Objectives & Goals 🔗 speed page loading: surf the web at the speed of thought Features 🔗 multilingual theme SEO meta tags link to translation of current page if exists support image caption via p > img + em {} in CSS mobile-first, responsive layout web native lazy loading for images web native lazy loading for iframes use WebP image to speed up the page load time breadcrumb & easy navigation ‘read aloud’ or ‘read for me’ (text to speech)

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For Personal Branding, Facebook Account or Fanpage ?

Should I use my account on Facebook as a brand with Meta verified badge, or use a fanpage instead? which is better for marketing? TLDR; I recommend using a Facebook Page for your brand rather than using your personal account. Why I recommend using a Facebook page ? 🔗 There are several reasons and advantages to use a Facebook page. 1. reach and targeting 🔗 When using a Facebook page, you can boost posts with targeting in the ad center or ads manager.

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