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What specs make an image beautiful?

Wanna take a beautiful photo to post it on your Facebook? or you wanna take a beautiful photo of a product to post it on social media to attract product sales? Wanna take a photo of a group of tourists to post it on your social media pages of your tour company? or wanna take a beautiful selfie to post it on instagram? Here are some unknown simple secrets of a beautiful image taken or created.

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How to use automatic image loading optimizations in Blogger's blogspot

If you are using Blogger to host your blogspot blog for free, you must use the latest optimization features to serve pages faster to users. As you can see in the following image, there are two features that I added arrows to point to. These two features are off by default, so just turn them on to help speed up your webpages load faster. Let’s know how these features help make your blog pages load faster.

Website Types

E-Commerce Website πŸ”— There are too many e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Souq, Jumia, AliBaba, .. etc. What you should focus on if you are about to create an e-commerce website ? showcase the product in a visual appealing way optimize checkout process with best practices Marketing & Business Website πŸ”— The vast majority of websites are the marketing websites and business websites. What is the goal of marketing and business websites ?

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Measuring website responsiveness : Interaction to Next Paint (INP), next year

There is web vitals which indicates the website health and performance. It is like health vitals in medicine which indicates the human health stats and performance metrics such as blood pressure. Core Web Vitals has many metrics such as First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Total Blocking Time (TBT) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). Currently, we use First Input Delay (FID) to measure website responsiveness. But next year, we will use Interaction to Next Paint (INP) instead.

10 Things we knew from open-sourced Twitter algorithm

Twitter revealed its algorithm to the world as open source on GitHub . But what does it mean for you? I spent the evening analyzing it. Here’s what you need to know: 1. Likes, then retweets, then replies πŸ”— Here’s the ranking parameters: β€’ Each like gets a 30x boost β€’ Each retweet a 20x β€’ Each reply only 1x It’s much more impactful to earn likes and retweets than replies.

10 Psychological Triggers to Make People Buy from You & Increase Conversions

1. Availability & Scarcity πŸ”— Show a text when you have less products in stock like “only 5 items left”. So, people hurry up and buy now before they sold out. 2. Novelty πŸ”— Sell new things. The new trendy things makes it into people’s heart especially kids and young people. 3. Authority πŸ”— When a public figure sell anything, fan boys will tend to buy this thing. If you can hire a public figure to tell people to buy your products, do it.

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How to promote iOS app?

submit your app for review on websites πŸ”— Add your app as an alternative πŸ”— is a website to list apps and software tools and their alternatives. Submit your app as an alternative to some categories of apps or a specific app. Business Card πŸ”— create your own business card, or your comapany’s business card on KartBusiness , then add the app info in the products with images and the link to get the app.

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Customized Software vs Standard Software

tldr πŸ”— Standard software is the software that is build for some functions to be used in several cases at many companies and shops. Customized software is the software created to fit the specific needs of the company to make the company function as accurately intended. I recommend standard software (tools) for small companies. But I recommend customized software (tools) for medium and big (large-scale) companies. Why customized software existed ?

How to Stream Your Pre-Recorded Videos to Facebook Live ?

Since Spring 2016, Facebook users have had the option to broadcast live videos to their friends and followers. Live videos are expected to be more personal, candid, and off-the-cuff, so they’re a great option for when you want to add some personality to your Facebook page. Not to mention, they’re pretty darn effective. Live videos tend to receive 10x better engagement than pre-recorded video. They make watching a stream into an event.

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SEO in brief

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps your website owners rank your website pages higher in Google search results. SEO is for all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and so on. But to be honest, almost everybody uses Google. That’s why we always say “google it”. SEO gives you a checklist of must-do list to rank in the first page on Google. Google indexing and ranking algorithms are getting better each day.

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