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How to improve OCR accuracy ? | my 5-year experience

my experience with OCR technologies πŸ”— I created my 1st image to text converting app on Oct 6th 2018, so it was 5+ years ago. I have been improving, learning, rewriting, iterating, experimenting on OCR technology since then. I created all of these apps to extract text from images/photos: IMG2TXT: Image To Text OCR ( opensource ) IMG2TXT OCR App (discountinued) IMG2TXT Hindi / Indian OCR App (will be discountinued after the 1st app supports Hindi/Indian) IMG2TXT : Persian OCR App (will be discontinued after the 1st app supports Persian) After all these years, I have a simple thing to say “What is measured, improves”.

TimeGrid | Manage Your Store Products & Finance

The project is currently under heavy development. TimeGrid is a work-in-progress software system designed to run on all operating systems. This post is an early roadmap for TimeGrid. This post will be updated every month with more information, progress, and edits. Features and functionalities πŸ”— point of sale (POS) customer relations management (CRM) time managements daily tasks and money records, show year, show month, show week, show day. docs/notes/brainstorming timers (such as pomodoro) Supported Platforms πŸ”— Android phones Android Tablets iPhone (iOS) iPad (OS) Windows macOS Linux snapcraft flatpak appimage I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

How to Speed Up Website Page Load Time ?

optimize images πŸ”— There are 3 main things you can do to images. modern image formats (avif, webp, .. ) image compression (lossy or lossless) image size My code to show image was this. <img src="img/sample-image.png" alt="image description is here" /> And refactored it into this. <picture> <source srcset="img/sample-image.avif" type="image/avif"> <source srcset="img/sample-image.webp" type="image/webp"> <source srcset="img/sample-image.webp" type="image/jpg"> <img loading="lazy" height="720" width="1080" src="img/sample-image.png" alt="image description is here"> </picture> What was that?

Go language | Tips & Tricks

I used Go language for almost 4 years now. I learned some tips and tricks dealing with Go projects. Make the compiler count the array elements πŸ”— You don’t use arrays much in Go. Instead, you use slices, but when you do, if you’re tired of writing the number of elements in the array yourself, you can use […] and the compiler will count them for you: package main import "fmt" func main() { arr := [3]int{1, 2, 3} sameArr := [.

Go or Python ? Which language is used more in production software?

I think that Go is better than Python. And that’s my own opinion. But I was wondering if people are using Go or Python for their production software in the real world. I want to get statistics of production software to compare and understand the real world. Source of statistics πŸ”— In a previous post , I used Homebrew as the source of statistics about apps written in each programming language.

Should I use apt-get, apt, or apt-fast ?

I use Ubuntu 24.04 LTS as my daily driver for personal use and my software development job. I like to update all my programs and packages daily. I want to use the fastest programming interface to update and upgrade my installed packages/programs. I can use apt-get, or apt, or apt-fast.. but is there a real difference in speed and performance between them? Let’s test them. I used time program available on Ubuntu Linux by default.

How to upload symbols file to Google Play Publisher Console ?

When I was uploading the release version of image to text OCR app , Google Play Publisher Platform says “This App Bundle contains native code, and you’ve not uploaded debug symbols. We recommend you upload a sumbol file to make your crashes and ANRs easier to analyze and debug. Learn More” Here are the steps to generate the symbols file and upload it. in app/build.gradle add: πŸ”— android { ... defaultConfig { .

Should I use fmt.Println() or log.Println() in my CLI app in Go ?

Choosing between fmt.Println() and log.Println() in your CLI application depends on your specific needs regarding output formatting, verbosity, and where the output goes (stdout vs stderr). fmt.Println() is part of the standard library and is suitable for general-purpose output. It prints to stdout by default, which is typically where you’d want your CLI application’s output to go. It’s straightforward to use and doesn’t require any setup beyond importing the fmt package.

Why spam is banned online ?

What is spam ? πŸ”— Spamming is doing the same thing too many times. For example, publishing the same comment 10 times on the same post. Another popular example is to send the same e-mail message to 100 e-mail addresses at once. Why spam is banned online ? πŸ”— User Experience: having too many useless messages (spam) makes useful messages go out of your sight. That impacts your experience of the software/app/platform in a negative/frustrative ways.

Choosing A Terminal for my macOS β€” Alacritty, Kitty & iTerm2

I use and love the stock Terminal app in macOS ( but I want to have another efficient/performant alternative. So, I am exploring to find the suitable one and gain more knowledge and experience. Comparison of Terminal apps πŸ”— ~ Alacritty Kitty iTerm2 Terminal GPU rendering yes yes no no language Rust Python, C, Go Obj-C ~ performance 5/5 4/5 3/5 2.5/5 efficiency 5/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 feature-rich 1/5 3/5 5/5 1/5 The information in the above comparison table is got from GitHub source code of the each respective terminal emulator app, and from Gemini AI chat (by Google).