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kube fzf Cheatsheet | fuzzy searching of Kubernetes Pods

kube-fzf is an opensource commandline tool to fuzzy search Kubernetes Pods. Shell commands for command-line fuzzy searching of Kubernetes Pods. Get pod details (from current namespace): findpod Get pod details (from all namespaces): findpod -a Describe a pod: describepod Tail pod logs: tailpod Exec into a pod’s container: execpod shell_command Port-forward a pod: pfpod port_number More commandline utilities dealing with Kubernetes: kubectl, kubens, kubeadm, kubetail and kubectx. Read other similar software cheatsheets: fzf and sk .

sk Cheatsheet | Skim Fuzzy Finder

sk is an opensource fuzzy finder written in Rust. Start skim on all files in the specified directory: find path/to/directory -type f | sk Start skim for running processes: ps aux | sk Start skim with a specified query: sk --query "query" Select multiple files with Shift + Tab and write to a file: find path/to/directory -type f | sk --multi > path/to/file Read other similar software cheatsheets: fzf and kube-fzf .

fzf Cheatsheet | fuzzy finder

fzf is an opensource command-line fuzzy finder. Start fzf on all files in the specified directory: find path/to/directory -type f | fzf Start fzf for running processes: ps aux | fzf Select multiple files with Shift + Tab and write to a file: find path/to/directory -type f | fzf --multi > path/to/file Start fzf with a specified query: fzf --query "query" Start fzf on entries that start with core and end with either go, rb, or py:

adb Cheatsheet | Android Debug Bridge

adb 🔗 Android Debug Bridge: communicate with an Android emulator instance or connected Android devices. Check whether the adb server process is running and start it: adb start-server Terminate the adb server process: adb kill-server Start a remote shell in the target emulator/device instance: adb shell Push an Android application to an emulator/device to be installed: adb install -r path/to/file.apk Copy a file/directory from the target device: adb pull path/to/device_file_or_directory path/to/local_destination_directory Copy a file/directory to the target device:

Should I Use HTML Entity or SVG ?

I am designing the breadcrumb in one of my websites I work on. I am thinking of the separator of the navigation path. Should I use homepage > blog > post or homepage / blog / post or homepage | blog | post. I decided to use > but should I use the angle bracket or greater than symbol > or › or an SVG ? SVG : Scalable Vector Graphics 🔗 I tried SVG, and the result is like this.

How to store prices efficiently in Laravel Eloquent ?

We can store prices efficiently in Laravel Eloquent by focusing on avoiding floating-point issues and optimizing storage. The appraoch is storing price as integer. Here is how. How to store prices as integer ? 🔗 Define an integer column in your database table to store the price in the smallest denomination of your currency. For example, for USD, store the price in cents (e.g., $10.50 becomes 1050). Use a mutator in your Eloquent model to handle price setting.

Go Language Cheatsheet

Hello world 🔗 create a new directory with a name like hellogo. create a new file inside with the name main.go. add this code inside that main.go file. package main import "fmt" func main() { message := greetMe("world") fmt.Println(message) } func greetMe(name string) string { return "Hello, " + name + "!" } open the directory in a Terminal, and run go mod init hellogo then go mod tidy then build the project with go build main.

All Terminal Emulator Commands for Android

Terminal is a program to use your operating system in a CLI mode. CLI stands for command line interface. Terminal emulator is a program to emulate the terminal on Android smartphones. Here are all the commands for the Android terminal emulator. moving between directories 🔗 command meaning ls list all files and directories inside in the current directory ls /sbin list all files inside /sbin which are the system programs because /sbin is where system programs go cd change directory to home directory cd ~ change directory to home directory cd /system/etc/ change directory (a.

Thoughts of a Web Framework in Go

I am thinking of a web framework in Go programming language. A framework similar to PHP Laravel and Ruby on Rails, but not too similar! We can create Laravel but in Go like what goravel is going to achieve. I think this is not what we want as Go developers! We can build the web app from scratch in Go using libraries/packages step by step, trying two or three libs to choose one for exach functionality/feature.

Google Patches Linux kernel with ~40% TCP performance

I watched a video from Hussein Nasser on YouTube about a patch from Google to get better performance at scale. Coco Li (from Google) explained of their cachline optimization effort to the networking code: “Currently, variable-heavy structs in the networking stack is organized chronologically, logically and sometimes by cache line access. This patch series attempts to reorganize the core networking stack variables to minimize cacheline consumption during the phase of data transfer.