All About My Custom Hugo Theme KMT

My ToDo List for 2024 (daily updates)

How to remove all directories inside a specific directory?

How to remove directories in Terminal 🔗 To remove all directories inside a specific directory, you can use the rm command with the -r (recursive) option. This option ensures that the command removes directories and their contents recursively. Here is the command you can use: rm -r /path/to/your/directory/*/ This command will remove all directories and their contents inside /path/to/your/directory/. Make sure that you include a / at the end to tell that you want to delete directories not files.

Vulnerable WordPress Release Not Yet Fixed

Today, I checked my WordPress website inside my shared hosting > CPanel > WP toolkit. I ran into this screen. It says Fix vulnerability in security. I clicked on it. A security scanning process stated. After the scan completed, It stated that my current WordPress core release is vulnerable. It is affected by unauthorized blind server-side request forgery vulnerability. I clicked on mitigate to reduce the risk of the vulnerability if it is exploited.

How to Increase Timeout Limit in Mozilla Firefox ?

Sometimes, we need to increase timeout limit urgently to be able to load busy websites. So, In Firefox, navigate to the config page via this link about:config, then search for network.http.connection-timeout and set it as you like. That’s it. You are done. If you prefer watching video, here you go. I hope this post helps you. If you know a person who can benefit from this information, send them a link of this post.

How to Increase timeout limit in Google Chrome ?

Sometimes, we need to increase timeout for waiting for webpages to get from a busy server. But, unfortunately, Chrome has a hardcoded/predefined value for timeout for optimal loading. It can not be re-assigned not customized. If you urgently need to set a longer timeout for loading busy website, switch to Mozilla Firefox. In Firefox, you can navigate to the config page via this link about:config, then search for network.http.connection-timeout and set it as you like.

All About My Custom Hugo Theme KMT

Why Another Hugo Theme? 🔗 because there is no theme has all my specifications available. Why The Hugo Theme is Named Kmt? 🔗 I named my Hugo theme kmt after the name of my country. Objectives & Goals 🔗 speed page loading: surf the web at the speed of thought How to install Hugo theme Kmt ? 🔗 Install via git submodule Run this command while you are inside the folder of your Hugo site:

My ToDo List for 2024 (daily updates)

I have too many goals I want to achieve in 2024. Here are the goals related to programming. OCR Text Scanner SaaS 🔗 Complete development of the re-written OCR app in Flutter. supported languages English Arabic Farsi (Persian) Hindi (Indian) supported file formats JPG / JPEG PNG PDF (monopage, multipage) WEBP HEIC AVIF supported sources file upload web url color coded accuracy tasks queue with priority (free & premium) dedicated page to show status of all functionalities/features accuracy/status Digital Business Cards 🔗 I am continuously developing the platform for business cards.

Should I use plain text files or sqlite database on my Android app?

I developed An android app to read the books of Pope Shenouda III in Arabic . I used plain text files as a storage. Each chapter of each book is a plain text file called for example a1.txt. I want to add more books quicker and it’s relatively easy and straightforward. But I also want to add search functionality. Searching in plain text files is not that hard! but search SQLite database is faster, efficient and overall better.

Phishing Facebook Pages via Recommendation

The hackers and stealers use new ideas and methods to convince you to click on their phishing page link. We discovered the direct message way in a previous post , and the recommendation way in another post . The hacker stole a Facebook page or created one, named it “Ad Assistant Pro” which indicates that it is for advertising assistance from Facebook. The hacker uses their fake Facebook page to recommend your page.

Another Strategy to Send a Phishing Link into Facebook Inbox

After few days of that phishing campaign we talked about in a previous post , I faced a new strategy to phish Facebook page admins and steal their accounts/pages. In this method of reaching out to Facebook page admins to convince them to click the phishing link and follow through the phishing funnel is using the inbox. The hacker/phisher is just sending you a direct message in messenger to convince you to click on the link.

Why I Migrated KMT Hugo theme from Tailwind CSS to Vanilla/Pure CSS ?

I created a theme for my bilingual website called kmt . In the beginning, I designed the layout of the theme in Tailwind CSS . After some time, I realized that tailwind is complicate things more for my simple theme. Building and designing with tailwind CSS needs a build step before shipping, but native CSS doesn’t. Using tailwind CSS resets the default values set by web browsers, but I can use those defaults and change ONLY the things I need.